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Career at HRK

Are you passionate about Human Resources? Do you want to excel yourself in recruitment, HR and payroll or assessment of professional potential? Join us!

Get to know us!

HRK S.A. is a Polish company established in 2000 by Zbigniew Woźniakowski and Tomasz Sokołowski, who have headed the organization until today. Thanks to their experience in Human Resources, HRK has, since its early days, stood out among Polish competitors as an HR consulting company offering professional recruitment services, Assessment & Development Center, and cutting-edge solutions such as hrk.pl labor market information portal. The organization kept on growing and expanding its services. Today, HRK provides its clients with complex support in recruitment, executive search, HR and payroll, employee assessment and development, as well as employer branding.

HRK in numbers

  • We have been in business for 17 years now
  • Our workforce consists of over 260 employees
  • We serve over 1000 clients
  • We provide over 50 000 persons with HR and payroll services
  • 16 000 persons have been assessed for skills as part of AC/DC sessions
  • We have run over 6200 recruitment projects


Tailor-made solutions

We match each position and career path with what an individual needs, as well as enable transfer between company divisions. It is up to you to choose the best type of co-operation among employment contract, contract of mandate, or economic activity.

Real impact on company’s growth

We listen to employee’s ideas and suggestions, and implement the best of them.

Prestigious projects

We work for the largest Polish companies and international corporations. We build start-up teams from scratch.

Clear career path

From the very beginning, you know your development opportunities within the organization.

Friendly working environment

We are bound by a strong team spirit. We share our experience and give each other advice whenever in need.

Access to advanced tools 

We will give you access to state-of-the-art recruitment tools, including an extended version of LinkedIn. If you choose to join HRK Payroll Consulting, you will get access to innovative software we use to manage HR documentation and settle our clients’ payroll liabilities to their employees. 

What are our core values?


We respect our clients, candidates, employees and business partners. People are at the core of our business. We respect diversity in beliefs, cultures, religious convictions and ideals. 


We take responsibility for the outcomes of our work, and are fully committed to the task., which we complete with utmost diligence.


We adhere to all professional standards.  We conform to ethical rules and keep information fully confidential. We are loyal toward our clients, candidates, and associates.


We define guidelines, run original projects, and implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions which boost our performance.


We support each other while running projects and developing our associates’ skills. Together, we participate in growing our company. We take care of its market position and image as the company’s ultimate asset.


At HRK, we help our employees grow and develop their skills on a constant basis. If you choose Recruitment, your training will include:

  • recruitment,
  • sales,
  • research,
  • team management,
  • competence interview.

Trainings are taught both by our managers and experienced HRK consultants. Also, at least quarterly we organize trainings together with external training companies. We then focus on:

  • client negotiations,
  • sales,
  • time management,
  • building professional image.

When working in Payroll Consulting, you can expect regular training in:

  • labor law and remuneration (legal changes and amendments),
  • Teta HR and payroll system,
  • operation of MS Office,
  • stress management,
  • client service. 

Trainings are held in form of e-learning courses, internal newsletters or trainings with external experts in labor law and remuneration.

Applying for a job – what’s next?

Recruitment and HR Consulting

  1. An internal HR specialist will analyse your CV. We will call you to ask you a couple of basic questions and present you with opportunities for professional development at HRK.
  2. We will invite you to meet a representative of our internal HR division, and we will specify further recruitment plan.
  3. Time to arrange a meeting and an interview with our Business Unit Manager of the given recruitment line.
  4. The last stage is a meeting with a representative of the Management Board. You will receive the answer to your application within 5 days.
  5. Welcome on board!

We supplement certain recruitment processes with psychometric tests, elements of Assessment Center, and case studies. We might also ask you for a brief interview in English. If you’re applying for a Researcher position, we will further invite you to a half-of-working-day trial, where you will find out about the characteristics of this role.

Payroll Consulting

  1. An internal HR consultant will assess your CV, and call you for an interview, during which you will find out what we can offer. We will ask you some basic questions, for example about reasons for working at HRK, or your previous responsibilities.
  2. Time to arrange a meeting with our internal HR specialist, who will tell you about the further recruitment plan. We will also ask you to complete an HR or payroll knowledge test.
  3. We will invite you to a meeting with Payroll Managing Director – Małgorzata Wiśniewska-Janus. You will receive the answer to your application within 14 days.
  4. You join our team!

What do HRK employees say about us? Their opinions

Karolina Orzelska, Team Leader HRK Real Estate & Construction, HRK Energy, 5 years at HRK

My career at HRK started with a paid internship 5 years ago. Today, I am a Team Leader responsible for a team of several persons. At HRK, I value its friendly workplace culture, professional growth opportunities, independence in running projects, and openness to new solutions. Each day brings new challenges, and managers are focused on employees’ development within the organization.

Aleksandra Sobieska, Civil Law Contract Assistant, several months at HRK

I have worked at HRK for several months now. I am an assistant in Payroll division. I received a broad range of social benefits and a full training. Every day, I get a huge influx of knowledge. This helped me accommodate and get into action quickly. At HRK, you can easily make friends, everyone is helpful and supportive to others, which is important for people like me – who start working in a new environment. I believe it is a company that puts its employees first. It helps us develop, gives us broad opportunities, so that we can drive our professional careers in a direction and at a speed of our liking. It is a perfect place to start one’s professional career.

Patrycja Jabłońska, Civil Law Contract Specialist, 6 years at HRK

I have worked in HRK since April 2011. My career path started in civil law contracts division, where I worked as an assistant. After year and a half of heavy work, I have been given an opportunity to co-operate directly with clients in this area, and then, after several years of engagement in various payroll projects, I became a civil law contract specialist. HRK enabled me to develop, and work with the best specialists in the field, and that was thanks to its culture, underpinned with partnership and mutual support.

Joanna Borzęcka, HR Projects and Archives Supervisor/HR Specialist, 10 years at HRK

The first thing that struck me positively about HRK was its sense of calm. There was nobody rushing through the corridors, no tension or stress that I used to feel with my previous employers. The company guarantees a high comfort of work, and makes you feel you are an important link in the chain of the organization.

Irmina Lubowiecka, Settlement and Administration Analyst, 7 years at HRK 

I have worked at HRK for over 7 years now. Over this time, I have got to develop my career both in Recruitment and – which is the case today, after I came back from my maternity leave – in Payroll Consulting. Working at HRK, I came to realize it was a company that supported personal growth of its employees, offered trainings, allowed for independence, enabled engagement in various projects, while still making it possible to reconcile work with family life.

Do you want to know us better?




Research Consultant


Senior Consultant

Team Leader/Managing Consultant

Executive Manager


Do you see your future in the personnel consulting sector? Or maybe you have had a chance to gain first experience in recruitment? If so, try your hand as a Researcher working for HRK. You will be in charge of searching for the best candidates available on the market and verifying their experience. Working closely with experienced consultants and participating in training will prepare you for the role of an Associate Consultant.

Career opportunities in Payroll Consulting


Junior Specialist


Senior Specialist

Team Leader/Managing Consultant

Payroll/HR/HR Archive Assistant

Spreading wings in payroll/HR. Learning to manage payroll/HR documentation and getting to know HR and payroll systems. Dealing with employees’ documentation and creating personal files (HR). Developing your skills to become Junior Payroll/Civil Law Contract Specialist or Junior HR Specialist.

Current jobs


What benefits will you get at HRK?

Recruitment/HR Consulting

  • Private healthcare
  • Sports card
  • Life assurance
  • Financial support for learning foreign languages
  • Access to the benefit fund
  • Corporate car for managers
  • Individual and team rewards for achieving goals (including trips abroad, SPA breaks, style makeover days, team dinners, drama tickets, shooting range, bowling, indoor skydiving).


  • Private healthcare
  • Sports card
  • Life assurance
  • Access to the benefit fund
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