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The principles of using the elements HRK's corporate identity, including the company logotype. We hope that the following guidelines and the logotype gallery will be useful in the course of preparing publications on HRK S.A.

Description of the logotype

The logotype of HRK consists of a symbol, namely three circles, the two of which are orange and one is grey. The circles are arranged horizontally side by side. The grey circle with a vertical line over the circle form the symbol of a key – a key to success. Letters forming the name of the Company – HRK – were inscribed into the remaining circles.


Basic principles for the use of the logotype:

  • The logotype can be minimized proportionally;
  • The logotype of HRK S.A. cannot be minimized below the legibility of the HRK inscription; 
    The minimum size of the HRK S.A. logotype: height 2.2 cm;
  • The logotype of HRK S.A. should be placed on a white background, and a protection area should be respected. Should the logotype be placed on a grey or orange background, the logotype must be surrounded by an outline.

Should you need a file in the .eps format, please contact HRK reception desk at hrk@hrk.pl.

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