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Women in Industry

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Women in industry

Multinational corporations operating in the technology and manufacturing industries have been implementing programs to hire more women in technical roles for years. The trend is also visible in Poland. Unfortunately, despite support programs and communication campaigns, technical professions are dominated by men. The reasons are extremely complex – from the way we educate children, to the belief that women cannot handle technical roles, and to the low interest of female candidates in
such roles, despite their qualifications.

In Polish society, a stereotypical perception of women in industry still prevails, as well as the belief that they are ‘not-technical’ and have less ability in sciences. The report “Women at Polytechnics 2020” shows that 57% of the total number of students in Poland are women, and 36% ofstudents at public technical universities in 2019 are female. The field of study most often chosen by women studying at polytechnics is biomedical engineering.

Polish companies are learning to manage the potential of diversity, including those in industry. However, not all of themhave developed an advanced and precisely implemented diversity policy. The results of our study show that a lot still needs to change in business. Although women are increasingly visible in industry, they are yet not very successful.
The aim of the study “Women in Industry” was to analyze the industrial sector in the context of the structure of employment, as well as the promotion of women on the labor market in the technical industry. The report is complemented by comments from representatives of companies from industry and descriptions of good practices used by organizations in the field of promoting the employment of women in specialist and senior positions.

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