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Recruitment tools to improve efficiency

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Rekruterka pokazuje narzędzia rekrutacyjne

Recruitment, although it may seem like a simple task, is actually a complex process that requires efficient management. Executing multiple tasks simultaneously can be challenging, so it’s worth making them easier by using solutions designed for HR departments. These include recruitment tools that can effectively support the recruitment process.

From this article, you will learn:

  • how recruitment tools can support the work of HR departments,
  • how to optimize the recruitment process,
  • what effective recruitment tools are available,
  • which tools are worth using in daily work.

Recruitment tools worth considering

There are so many recruitment tools on the market that choosing the right ones can be a difficult task. Therefore, we suggest which ones are worth your interest!

ATS systems – optimizing the recruitment process

ATS systems (Applicant Tracking System) are recruitment tools without which it is difficult to imagine efficient recruitment in a large company. They provide support by facilitating and partially automating many key tasks, including candidate sourcing, skills assessment, communication, and even recruitment indicator reporting.

There is no shortage of newer and more advanced ATS systems on the market. Below you can familiarize yourself with three such systems that are popularly used by HR departments:

  • Traffit – this system allows for instant insight into all activities related to the recruitment of a given candidate, as well as notes created by other individuals participating in the recruitment process. Thanks to Traffit’s synchronization with email and calendar, it facilitates sending messages to candidates and scheduling meetings. The planner option allows the invited person for an interview to choose the best interview time based on the recruiter’s calendar. Traffit also allows for creating job postings and designing a Career tab on the company’s website.
  • Hrlink – some of the features provided by this tool include an employee referral module, multiposting of job postings, team collaboration, custom reports, automatic messages, and onboarding.
  • Elevato – this tool provides job offer templates, integration with the Career tab, an employee referral system, a shared CV database from multiple sources, a meeting calendar, SMS invitations, and reporting of recruitment needs by managers.

Recruitment tools for candidate assessment

The aim of these recruitment tools is to accurately assess the skills, predispositions, and potential of each candidate, enabling a more accurate and effective approach to the recruitment process. Sample recruitment tools include personality tests, which help understand the psychological characteristics of candidates, and social profile reviews, which analyze their online presence.

Sample recruitment tools for candidate assessment:

  • Competence Game – opens up a new perspective on assessing candidates’ competencies through online games. Candidates participating in the games can demonstrate their skills while identifying their strengths. Each candidate receives a thorough report at the end.
  • Hire Art – the platform offers practical tests, cognitive ability tests, and structured interviews.
  • Harver – a tool providing a wide range of tools to facilitate candidate assessment. Among them are cognitive ability tests, cultural fit assessment, virtual interviews, and video presentations.

What other recruitment tools will be useful?

In addition to the above-described tools, it is also worth mentioning those that will be useful in companies supporting remote work. Recruitment processes in these companies often take place online, so online recruitment meeting platforms will be useful. Among them, HireVue stands out.

Unique to HireVue is its integration with the ATS system. Additionally, the platform distinguishes itself by engaging candidates through the use of SMS and WhatsApp messenger.

The HR department has not only recruitment tools at its disposal but also those that will help in daily work related to motivating employees, their thorough assessment, or vacation settlements. Technology can significantly facilitate daily tasks, so it’s worth supporting it.

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