We conduct HR processes for positions related to engineering, the use of technology in the manufacturing sector, as well as the sale of products and services dedicated to the industry.

Usługi HR dla branży przemysłowej.

15 years of experience in the manufacturing sector

In the field of HR, we help develop manufacturing companies operating in the automotive, aviation, consumer electronics, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging, construction materials, recycling, heating and sanitary industries. We work with suppliers of industrial automation solutions, pumps, boilers, electrical engineering, robotics, pneumatics, chemicals, construction materials and power hydraulics. Every year, our team recruits over 200 people throughout Poland, most of whom are in managerial positions.


We also provide services in the field of assessing the competences of candidates and employees, creating development paths, 360° feedback and business coaching. We are experienced experts in personnel and payroll administration for manufacturing companies.

How do we help companies in the manufacturing sector?

  • Effective recruitment of employees for expert and managerial positions
  • Direct search projects for executive positions (executive search)
  • Helping increase the number of people applying for job offers
  • Assessment of employees' potential and development of managerial competences
  • Assistance in building IT teams (outsourcing)
  • Payroll services (personnel and payroll administration)

HR services for the manufacturing sector

Comprehensive HR services for the manufacturing sector

Thanks to many years of experience and high expertise of our team, we help companies operating in the manufacturing sector to effectively manage HR processes.


We support companies in acquiring employees fitting in to their organizational culture.

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Executive Search

We support companies in hiring and assessing candidates for managerial positions.

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HR Consulting

We carry out projects in the area of HR consulting and diagnosis of employee and candidate competencies.

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Payroll Consulting

We provide services in the field of personnel and payroll administration.

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IT Contracting

We offer outsourcing of management staff and IT specialists.

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Media Service

We provide services in the field of publishing advertisements and planning recruitment campaigns.

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Trust the specialists

Our recruiters have expert technical knowledge, thanks to which they can easily find their way in the manufacturing industry. Working with a wide range of tools that verify candidates’ competences, the team can undertake most demanding projects.


We also support new investors who are taking their first steps on the market.

Recruitment services

Marcin Iwaniec Senior Executive Director

Marcin Iwaniec

Senior Executive Director

HR services for companies operating in the manufacturing sector.

HR Consulting services

Justyna Lipowska Executive Manager

Justyna Lipowska

Executive Director

HR services for companies operating in the manufacturing sector.

Payroll Consulting Services

Partnerka HRK Małgorzata Wiśniewska-Janus

Małgorzata Wiśniewska-Janus

Managing Partner

HR services for companies operating in the manufacturing sector.

IT Contracting services

Bolesław Koltonowski HRK

Bolesław Kołtonowski

Executive Manager

HR services for companies operating in the manufacturing sector.

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