Personnel and payroll administration

We are a trusted partner in the field of payroll and personnel administration.

Administracja kadrowo-płacowa HRK Payroll Consulting
We provide payroll administration outsourcing services
Through our collaboration with experienced salary calculation experts, our clients can rest assured that employee compensation is consistently prepared punctually and adheres to all relevant legal requirements. Our comprehensive services encompass the preparation and scrutiny of payrolls based on client-provided data, the generation of pay slips and PIT settlements, the completion of ZUS (social insurance) and US (tax) declarations, as well as the compilation of payroll reports.
Comprehensive payroll support
As part of payroll administration, we carry out a range of activities, including, but not limited to:
  • Preparation and verification of payroll in accordance with applicable labor law, internal regulations and client guidelines
  • Preparing and executing remuneration transfers to employees' bank accounts, taking into account wage garnishments
  • Preparing statements necessary for the client to make payments for social security contributions and income tax
  • Printing and sending pay slips in the form of secure envelopes to the client's contact person, or providing pay slips in electronic form in the TETA HRM system
  • Preparation and electronic sending of monthly ZUS (social insurance) declarations - DRA, RCA, RSA, RPA
  • Preparation and electronic sending of annual tax returns PIT4R and PIT8AR to the Tax Office
  • Preparing annual PIT-11 declarations
  • Preparing salary certificates for employees and external institutions

Choose an experienced payroll partner

For more than two decades, we have been providing payroll consulting services to both Polish and international companies. We have earned the trust of businesses operating in diverse markets and structures. Our payroll expert team stands as one of the market’s largest and most experienced.


We take pride in the continuous development of our employees within the HRK Payroll Consulting team, with many choosing to stay with us for numerous years. This commitment ensures that we can offer our clients stable service teams well-versed in the intricacies and processes of their operations.

Usługi kadrowo-płacowe HRK Payroll Consulting

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Małgorzata Wiśniewska-Janus HRK Payroll Consulting

Małgorzata Wiśniewska-Janus

Managing Partner, HRK Payroll Consulting

The HRK Payroll Consulting team provides services in the field of professional management of personnel documentation and salary calculation.

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Monika Korpas

Client Partner & Business Development Manager, HRK Payroll Consulting

The HRK Payroll Consulting team provides services in the field of professional management of personnel documentation and salary calculation.

Client implementation process

Quick and effective implementation of the payroll service

Our extensive experience, coupled with our dedicated client-focused teams, ensures seamless implementation processes and enables a swift transition of remuneration administration responsibilities.

  1. Migration of personnel and payroll data to the TETA system

    The HRK implementation team builds the system database and starts migrating personnel and payroll data based on the migration forms received from the client. The migration takes place in two stages: first after signing the contract, second after the last payroll handled by the client or their current supplier.

  2. Detailed analysis of the scope and principles of cooperation in force in the client's company

    HRK Payroll Consulting experts dedicated to conducting the implementation process organize meetings with client representatives during which they discuss in detail all processes taking place in the organization. The result is a document that constitutes a cooperation procedure between HRK Payroll Consulting and the client.

  3. Parameterization of the TETA system

    The HRK Payroll Consulting technology team sets up the system to properly calculate payrolls and builds reports according to the client's requirements.

  4. Preparation of a test payroll

    HRK Payroll Consulting experts carry out payroll calculation tests.

  5. Operational start

    After the client approves the test results, our service begins.

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