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Specializations are our strength. Benefits of specializations are constant monitoring of the industry labor market, understanding Clients' needs in particular sectors of industry, identifying candidates by means of a professional market analysis and our own database, and fast completion of projects. Groups that specialize in serving the following industries and types of position are currently working in HRK:

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Opinions about HRK

OHP, Marian Najdychor, Deputy of the Chief Commandant

The developed methodology was based on the best solutions and latest theories, tools and methods of European and global scientific and professional information. All tasks were performed properly, at an appropriate time and with high quality of service. 

Leroy Merlin, Dorota Wójcik-Czarzasty, Human Resources Director

I confirm that HRK consultants carried out projects in accordance with established objectives and that all the work was done with due diligence. HRK is a reliable business partner who is worth recommending and who cooperates with a team of experienced and qualified consultants. 

PZU, Małgorzata Kopczyńska, Senior specialist

The project was carried out in accordance with objectives and highly rated. The cooperation with a team of HRK consultants was also appreciated by employees of the PZU Group who directly participated in the project. 

Energa, Kaja Zielonka, Specialist, Human Resources Management Unit

HRK gave us a product (methodology) and a tool (Development Centre) characterized by substantive accuracy, which I can confirm a year after the first analysis was conducted having watched the path of career development of individual employees built based on the results we were provided with. In addition, HRK demonstrated a very high level of organizational and logistics support during the implementation of both projects. 

Reckitt Benckiser S.A., Iwona Ostapowska, HR Manager

HRK consultants who worked with us on this project properly understood the purpose of the whole undertaking. The way all the outlined stages were executed characterized itself with a high level of professionalism, which allowed us to achieve of all the goals established with regard to this project. (…) Reports we received from HRK contained very important information about the assessed persons and presented guidelines on further development of these people. The results of the Assessment Centre project were a very important base for making decisions to promote many people; for the moment being they are rated as fully accurate. 

Smurfit Kappa Polska Sp. z o.o., Agnieszka Gil, HR Specialist

We appreciate the flexibility and openness that are distinguishing features of the Talent Finder team. In terms of using of the software, one of its undisputed strengths is the ease with which you can sort incoming applications, the possibility to have an electronic database of applications, time saving in the process of preparing and sending contents of adverts, transparency and a pleasant interface. Using our company as an example, we can clearly state that managing multiple recruitment projects is now much easier to us and helps us save time. We strongly recommend this software to other employers as a professional and comprehensive recruitment project management tool. 

BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego Sp. z o.o., Monika Chajdys, Recruitment and Training Specialist

The implementation of the Talent Finder software enabled our company to efficiently manage incoming applications on an ongoing basis; (...) it is effective also because of a functionality that gives a possibility of returning to candidates that decided to apply for a job in our company some time ago, and are listed in the database of candidates. I recommend that others implement the Talent Finder tool because (...) it facilitates the work not only in personnel departments, but it also positively influences the efficiency of the entire organization. 

E. Wedel Sp. z o.o., Agnieszka Frączak, Junior HR Manager

The biggest advantages of this tool include a common base of applications/candidates and recruitment projects that can be accessed easily, searching applications by specific criteria and the possibility of granting access/permission to recruitment projects to internal customers. We strongly recommend this tool to other employers as an easy-to-use and user-friendly solution that will streamline recruitment processes in any company. 

PSA Finance Polska, Anna Majkowska, Personnel and Administration Manager

HRK proved itself to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. Recruitment projects are carried out in an efficient and effective manner, and candidates recommended by HRK consultants comply with our expectations and requirements. 

Polskie Towarzystwo Reasekuracji, Tomasz Czałbowski, Vice President of the Management Board

In my opinion as well as in the opinion of my co-workers, HRK/HRK Financial Markets is a professional company that implements its commitments towards the Clients in a unique and effective way. 


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